ON Semiconductor to buy Fairchild for about $2.3 billion

ON Semiconductor Corp. said Wednesday that it plans to buy Fairchild Semiconductor for about $2.3 billion in cash, to expand its products in the automotive, industrial and smartphone industries.

NASA sees In-fa become a Typhoon near Micronesia

Tropical Storm 27W intensified into a typhoon near Micronesia in the western North Pacific Ocean as NASA's Aqua satellite passed overhead providing visible and infrared data to forecasters.

Twenty-first depression forms in eastern Pacific Ocean

NOAA's GOES-West satellite provided images of the birth of the latest tropical depression in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Tropical Depression 21E formed well southwest of the Coast of Mexico.

UberPOP driven out of Netherlands

The controversial ride-sharing service UberPOP is to stop operations in the Netherlands almost a year after it was declared illegal in the country.

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